To Hell in a Fast Car

hellinfastcarIn this book you will find: Fast cars and faster women, Murderers and victims, Serial killers and guns for hire, Cops on the edge, Crooks on the prowl, Innocents who have had enough, and Fools risking it all. They’re all on a road that’s been paved with the best – and worst – intentions. There’s no stopping, there’s no turning back and there’s no hope at journey’s end.

Featuring the talents of: Michael A. Black, James Chambers, Joy M. Copeland, Wayne D. Dundee, John L. French, James Grady, C. J. Henderson, Ted Hertel Jr., R. Allen Leider, C. Ellett Logan, Robert J. Mendenhall, Quintin Peterson, KT Pinto, Alan Simon, B. K. Stevens, Patrick Thomas, and Robert E. Waters.

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